Sharon Cudworth Photographer

HELLO, THank you for visiting. 

I am based just outside Ipswich, in Suffolk but I cover most of east anglia and I am happy to travel across the UK and beyond for weddings and elopements.

My overall style is very relaxed, natural, and raw. I sway towards the light and airy side of my edited style- you can see that within my portfolio work. 

I love working with like minded easy going people who are happy to have the time I spend with you either during a relaxed family shoot or throughout your emotionally charged and usually very busy wedding day in a relaxed, documentary styled approach.


 I cover all types of photography but my main focus is families and weddings

beautiful timeless photos


Our Family holiday, Rhodes 2018

I thought I should probably tell you a little about me and how my journey into photography came about. 

I live with my husband Paul and three daughters, Yasmin, Ellie and Amelia.  A very outnumbered house indeed! 

My photography journey began after I started using Instagram in 2013. I documented my children and life in general on a daily basis and loved having a tidy little gallery. In early 2014, Instagram hub contacted me and asked if they could feature my account for celebrating Mothers Day in the UK. I was a little bit (okay, very!) excited, and I was subsequently interviewed for the feature. That mothers day I went from having a mere 800 followers to over 60k followers. This was the blog post that gave me my 5 minutes of fame.

Following that feature I decided I should start building a photography business of my own! 

My job prior to photography was a being a midwife. I continue to work some occasional night shifts at my local hospital as I still love being a midwife, and it's important to keep my practice up to date. Although, I mostly work my shifts out of wedding season as I am too busy taking and editing images during the warmer months. I have been lucky enough to deliver a few babies, and photograph them too- how special is that? I once decided to merge my two careers and I photographed a birth - you can watch the video here (don't worry its very tastefully done)!

My approach to my work is that I always endeavour to photograph and deliver images that I would be happy to receive myself. I keep all shoots very relaxed, informal and most importantly FUN! I look to seek the best light, the most aesthetically beautiful backdrops and colours that I feel will compliment you the most. I will make suggestions along the way and absolutely love my job and getting the very best that I can for you. I am a perfectionist and I do love the final products to be as close to perfect as possible. Of course, there are times where things don't go to plan, it rains, your child might be unhappy or your family dog won't comply (and we've run out of treats) - but its life and we work together to make the images as REAL just as much as they are beautiful! I once had a couple whose baby cried throughout most of their shoot and I offered to reschedule half way through but her parents informed me this was her temperament in general, so guess what - we embraced it! We changed the whole direction of the shoot and it was amazing! There were more cuddles and feeding shots but it was perfect for them and perfect for their baby! Being open minded and flexible to change what you might have envisaged means that we can 'go with the flow' rather than having something that is structured and formal as that is not me at all. 

Some facts about me:

 I love a good English cup of tea, probably a little too much. Especially accompanied by some homemade cake - yum!  

 I love traveling and exploring the world - so if you fancy marrying abroad, please do let me know. 

 Warm, sunny days make me very happy indeed. Although I prefer shooting in the golden hour (the hour just prior to sunset). 

My daughters bring me so much joy - they are all so different in their personalities, even if they don't let me photograph them much anymore. 

I am always freezing cold. Always. But I have a super warm heart. 

I love home interiors; scandi and mid century modern are my style! I am trying to get more framed prints up at the moment as I love seeing family images on the wall. 

If you like the sound of me, or my style of work lets get together for a coffee...